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"Thank you so much for organizing everything and for the wonderful time! All our guests told us they had a fantastic time, and we really enjoyed all parts of the party. You were wonderful and I will highly recommend you to friends!" - Deana T, after her daughter's Big Kids' Boogie birthday party


"Thank you Julie for all your hard work. I love the Rhody Center! I am so glad I found you! ( well thanks to Karolina)  I had such a good time at the recital and I ever so enjoyed all the performances. My favorite was the Ukes and the steel band! Prince is smiling I am sure!" - Andrea H., after our Spring 2016 recital


"As usual, my experience [with Salsa Footwork and Body Movement] has been fabulous! If it was not, I would not have come back and joined an additional class. Thus far the instructors have been wonderful." - Anonymous student


"Great introduction to Tai Chi on 2/7/15 w/Nelson Osborn. Loved the flow of a lot of pertinent information in a few simple steps." - Anonymous workshop participant


"I was in desperate need of a hobby and really wanted to start taking a class in something. A friend showed me The Rhody Center's website and I was so excited to see everything they had to offer. Dancing, instrument lessons/jam sessions for beginners to advanced, singing, kids classes, etc. I joined Singing Sirens as I always loved taking chorus in high school and have only dabbled in the occasional karaoke sessions since then.  The class is so much fun, the instructor is awesome and makes you feel totally at ease, and you leave wanting to practice as much as you can! Going to class and singing is the highlight of my work week." - Sarah C.


"Where can you find affordable music lessons with instructors that really love what they're doing and give you that extra personal attention? RIGHT HERE. Before starting my ukulele lessons, I had never played any instrument. Within a few weeks, I was comfortably playing chords and really enjoying the experience. Julie is an amazing instructor, truly dedicat... They offer lessons for adults in music, dance, and vocals. There are children's classes as well - you can even throw a birthday party! I would recommend trying it out to anyone who is wishing for a hobby or to check off an item from their bucket list." - Linda A.


"We absolutely loved our stomp experience with Kyle and truly learning the art! ...this was truly a great experience for us, learning a new trade is not easy! Your class and Kyle made it very easy and fun!" - Debra C.


"I loved my class! It ended up being a great stress reliever and I am so happy I did it." - Beginner African Dance Student


"I had so much fun in Beginners Belly Dancing with Donia! It's a great place to learn music and dance." - Anonymous Beginner Belly Dancer


"I've enjoyed the classes that I've tried. This is a great group of people in a very welcoming environment."


"Great music! Great fun!" - Anonymous Beginner Ukulele Player


"My 22-month-old daughter loves the drop-in music class for toddlers. She sings and dances happily throughout the entire class." - Mom of toddler


"I am so glad I decided to take the Beginner African Dance Class with Mekbul! It was a unique experience and a great workout!" - Anonymous African Dance for Beginners student


"I enjoyed the group class and the setting. Kali does a wonderful job and the atmosphere is very relaxed." -Anonymous djembe drummer


"I'm having a great time in Bollywood class! Between the music and the dances, it's simply a happy time!" -Anonymous Bollywood dancer


"A wonderful studio with such wonderful energy and vibe.. Julie made our son's Birthday a fantastic event ...thank you so very much!" -Aleksandra 


"I've only had a couple of [beginner ukulele] classes [so far], they have gone well. It's a great space. The instructor, Julie, is welcoming. Not only is the class good, but I am not intimidated at all. Easy parking, easy to find." -Joanne


"It's fun and I learned something!" -Kobe


"My daughter really likes the course." -Erika's mom


"Very professional and patient...Very unique opportunity to work with a professional dancer who specializes in African dance." -Angela P.


"Keep it coming. I love it." -Kelly A-B.


"Great atmosphere. Fun way to exercise. Fun class!" -Anonymous


"...I stopped by the Center's Zumba for Beginners class yesterday morning and decided to stay for the Bollywood class afterward. Both were fantastic. ... As for the Center in general, it's a great space inside the Pawtucket Armory. Very friendly people, so you should give them your business and learn to dance in the process!" -Catherine


"Hey! These dance classes were tremendous! Julian is a fabulous teacher and Julie was great! Can't wait to take more classes. Highly recommend you check out the Rhody Center's offerings. It is a hidden gem!" -Marilyn 


"I get the sense that the staff really has a passion for the arts and really want to teach what they know." -Dalien G.


"[My favorite thing about the Rhody Center is] Location, nice atmosphere, mirrors on the wall really help, it's great to indulge in my favorite kind of dance in a charming, clean, safe facility." -Laurie N.


"[My favorite thing about the Rhody Center is its] friendly atmosphere, instructors enthusiasm." -Tanja L.


"[My favorite thing about the Rhody Center is] the mission which creates unique opportunities for those who participate." -Angela P.



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